We are a

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that believes in the


Power of Potential


At Miniversity Secondary School, our mission is to educate students to excel in academics and to build a global perspective on the world that enables them to become adults who embrace life with enthusiasm.


First and foremost, our objective is to provide the highest calibre educational experience in ways that build students’ intellectual apparatus, critical thinking skills, interdisciplinary understanding, personal talents, character and confidence.  


Secondly, we nurture students to pursue interests in the classroom and beyond; challenging them to think about and address the complex issues facing society today.  


Finally, our university preparation program starts in Year 1.  Student classes and extracurricular activities are tailored from the beginning to ensure that students are accepted to the best universities in the world.


And when they graduate, they will be prepared to meet life’s opportunities and challenges with compassion, creativity, integrity, and a decidedly global perspective.



IGCSE |  A-Levels

Considered the world’s most popular international curriculum, the IGCSE and the A-Levels provide rigorous academic preparation.  They are widely recognized by universities around the world as evidence of academic achievement. 

Inquiry-Based Learning

The core curriculum is designed with a heavy focus on critical thinking skills, complex problem solving and high order reasoning.  Students will learn at a fast pace and demonstrate skill competency and synergistic understanding across disciplines.

Personalized Learning

Each student receives a unique Personal Learning Plan, with customized goals toward academic enrichment. Students will expand their capabilities, and will be inspired to  assume responsibility for their own learning.


4 Year

Path To 


Student:Teacher Ratio 

No. 1

Our View of Each Student

The Secondary School Application process is comprised of three key elements:

1. Required Forms

  • Application

  • Middle School/JSS Records

2. Interviews

  • Upon receipt of the required forms, the Admissions office will contact you to schedule the applicant interviews.

3. Admission Testing

  • You will receive information your Admissions Test date.



Admissions Inquiries

For any inquiries or questions, please call:

+233.(0)20.699.8699 or fill out the following form

Success! Thank you for your interest in Miniversity Secondary School!

School Office

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To apply for a job with Miniversity Secondary School, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: info@miniversityschool.org